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Enterprise Routers are built with the reliability needed of today’s business demands. When running business critical applications, the last thing you need is an internet outage costing you time and money. This is where Peplink Balance Routers come into play, being cost effective and easy to manage while maintaining a simple user interface. Provides reliability and network resiliency, so you can be sure you are getting the uptime your business requires.


Peplink Cellular Routers provides a cost effective, reliable, and easy to manage solution for mobile and remote internet/network connectivity. Whether you’re traveling cross country, or you’re stuck in a remote location without reliable internet lines such as fiber or cable, with these routers, combine the cellular reception of several service providers. If one provider fails, the others will take over with no interruptions in your connection.


Peplink’s MediaFast is used for content caching and mobile device management. MediaFast is designed specifically for education and entertainment – it downloads and buffers video, audio, iTunes, HTTP, and other content to create an uninterrupted session. When multiple users are trying to grab the same thing from the internet, networks can get congested, making downloads take longer and using more bandwidth with each download.


Provide long range Wi-Fi that goes wherever you go. Deployment options are endless with easy setup and management.

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